Learning, again

by Bogdan on January 22, 2010

A good friend of mine and one of the Internet gurus in Romania – Orlando – asked me the other day why would I even consider going to a blogging workshop. Afterwards, what else could someone with my experience – more than 12 years in the web space, having access to the web analytics data of major websites like YahooMSN and insights from Nielsen Online – would learn from a blogging workshop?

Oh, but he is right… what was on my mind? This was my very first thought, probably fueled by the fact that Orlando has a very successful blog in Romania, which has been published without any training whatsoever. And guess what, I have already learned a great deal on blogging from Orlando.  But then, the reasoning voice came back and secretly whispered, somewhere in the back of mind: “Hey, listen Bogdan… how many times have you ever been successful in doing things without having a clue, without any plan, and without any clear end in mind?”

So here I am, today, taking part of a blogging workshop. Being again vulnerable and ready to fail, in order to learn. To learn how to blog. How to better communicate with individuals who might be interested in knowing the lessons which I have learnt from my life, without going through the same pain and efforts I had to endure to know all this stuff which now wants to break free. How to share and refine my areas of expertise: digital, project management, personal development, web analytics, irrational behaviour.

Here is the deal: if I share only a quarter of my perspectives on what I am good at, I believe this lesson is worth taking, no matter the pain. Yes, I know I will make some blogging mistakes – but through consistent learning I can be better and help others become better.

I am not alone here: Dragos has besides me another apprentice: Valerica. Let’s enjoy the journey!

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