Signs of a Graze Living

by Bogdan on February 21, 2010

How many of us have experienced the following signs of living in a shallow world?

We don’t take enough time to fully engage anymore: there are way too many things on our plates, and we want to taste them all (as they all seem delicious), and even more and more new kinds of nibbles are landing on our daily plates

We  are too easily distracted and even confused by the massive inflow of alternatives: remember the time when the milk was just milk, and not a variety of regular, skimmed, calcium enriched, organic, etc? Sometimes having few choices feels like an easier way to get things handled

We look, too often, how to get just the instant, no-pain solution: instant gratification is driving us cut corners with the least effort. While getting things done more efficiently is what we should aim, abusing it may be a sign of immaturity: chasing only the “quick and easy fixes” like the pain killers, a liposuction or attending a fast-forward course on yachting, deprive us of the confidence going through and learning how to cope without modern help.

We prefer to consume everything in a refined, pre-processed state: I am not talking here just about what we eat or drink. Most of the facts, sounds, thoughts and even emotions have already been filtered by someone else: think of the damaging effects over an immature person being exposed to so many PhotoShopped images

We act as the slaves of the mighty availability: the mobile, the email, the twitter and the social networks, to name a few, are pushing us to react rather to respond. We too often mix up a technological capability with the way way we should engage the world through that piece of technology.

We have a hard time in extracting useful information from the data swamp: we are literally flooded with so many opinions, advices, facts, requests, from so many sources – that sometimes we overlook the important while magnifying the wrong stuff. The one who will bring clarity and relevancy in our worlds, should not be our friend, but our best friend.

We spread our attention, our preparation and our performance too thin: multitasking, dealing with multiple activities, faces, technologies, topics, demands from others are all sapping our energy. So next time not only ask yourself: am I juggling too many balls at once, but am I doing the right thing here?

We allow our feelings to make more and more decisions for us: sensations and excitement are constantly crawling our existence. That is an important reason for which we rush to want too many things, too early, with no resources. When was the last time when you have seen a commercial in which a lolly pop was not animated?

We live less and less our lives: like some automaton zombies, we overly protect ourselves by not learning new things, through avoiding the pain and the hassle of braking worthless habits, by not being in touch of our true feelings through renting the others’ experiences from fake realities (watching movies or gossiping) or just shielding our emotions through evading maneuvers of not engaging with someone, or something, so we won’t get hurt.

The above list is not complete, but may be applicable to the whole range of aspects from our existence: our relationships, activities, possessions, our thoughts and feelings. Find for yourself, where in your life, profession, etc you allow yourself to be too shallow: feel free to bring in your perspective on this.

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